Let’s face it. Critical thinking is difficult to teach. While we all could use a heapin’ helpin’ of Logic on our plates, the cause it not lost, even for your youngest learners.  We’re proud to have the Interactive Resources set of Venn Diagrams at our disposal!venn1 300x226 A Heapin Helpin of Logic with iR Venn Diagrams

Perfect for Interactive Whiteboards, tablets, projectors or for students to try on their own, there are 10 Venn Diagram modes to choose (half are Odds, the others Evens). Each activity will give two descriptions for each diagram: Evens or Odds and Multiples of a certain number.  Students (or the teacher) will be able to drag each number to the corresponding circle (set), or if the number pertains to both, then it is put in the middle (intersection).

With Venn Diagram practice, students will begin to see patterns and expand their logical thinking skills.

To see more Venn Diagram activities, please click on the Interactive Resources link to the right and let us send you a free trial.

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