calabo 300x216 CaLabo – Digital Language Lab SystemCaLabo is the most popular Computer-Assisted Language Lab system brand in Japan. It has achieved a more distinguished reputation from customers than all other LL brands combined. With a 50% share of the Japanese language lab market, CaLabo has become the de facto standard for all digital language labs. With CaLabo, institutions can create a computer -assisted language learning environment that includes high quality audio, video and multimedia educational resources. CaLabo allows teachers to teach languages in a PC-based computer- assisted language laboratory. The master controller GUI shows student alignment in the classroom and control function buttons for language instruction activities or multimedia resources control. Instead of analog booth tape recorders, teachers can control the CaLabo Digital recorder for their instruction with digitized learning resources. Using CaLabo, teachers and students will have the greatest advantage of using multimedia in a language learning environment.

For more information about the CaLabo Digital Language Lab System, please visit the product site.

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