ir us 300x255 Interactive Resources   activities and games for IWBsInteractive Resources is a fantastic set of math and literacy activities and games for use with projectors, interactive whiteboards and wireless tablets. Simple to use, interactive and loads of fun, it will enhance and supplement any K-8 Math and Literacy standards-based curriculum.

Tired of using your Interactive Whiteboard or SMARTboard™ as a glorified whiteboard? Looking for new ways to make those hardware purchases useable in the classroom? Then, look no further than Interactive Resources!

  • Works on any brand of Interactive Whiteboard, Wireless tablet, Projector and Computer (Mac and PC)
  • Simple activities and games for whole class or individual learning
  • Helps to reinforce key concepts taught in a fun and creative way
  • Fits U.S. National and State Standards for Mathematics and Literacy
  • Bright, colorful and engaging for all students, including Early Learners and Special Needs.

For more information about the Interactive Resources, please visit to the product site.

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