Ben Franklin Elementary School
Tracy McCandless, 3rd Grade Teacher
Littleton Public Schools, Littleton, Colorado

When entering the 3rd grade classroom of teacher Tracy McCandless, you’ll find a group of very enthusiastic students gathered around a large, cozy rug. Although these students are not at their desks, they are fully engaged into learning – learning that takes place in front of their teacher, each other and an interactive whiteboard. McCandless has made using an interactive whiteboard an integral part of her teaching and has placed it front and center in the classroom. Like all teachers that embrace new technology, she has found her interactive whiteboard to be an indispensible teaching tool for her class.

BES1 300x225 Interactive Resources gets students fired up using interactive whiteboardsWhile several of the teachers at Ben Franklin Elementary use new technologies, they all can agree on one thing: time to make new materials is few and far between. That’s why Tracy McCandless wanted to use Interactive Resources K-8 Math and Literacy software to supplement her lessons and to keep her students motivated. “I am a big fan of the IR software. I have been able to use a multitude of the tools within my lessons. Students are super-engaged and excited when they see one of their favorite games as part of a lesson.”

BES2 300x225 Interactive Resources gets students fired up using interactive whiteboardsInteractive Resources can be used with any brand of interactive whiteboard (IWBs) as well as on PCs and Macs. Not only is it used in the classroom, but in libraries and tech labs where students can play the games and activities on their own, to reinforce key concepts.

Many teachers like McCandless have used the site licensed, HTML version of the Complete Pack with their IWBs. The IR Complete Pack version is in a browser format and contains all 800+ activities and games. The activities are arranged by grade level vs. concept. Soon, the Complete Pack will include an accompanying Standards Pack, which will let teachers browse all of the games and activities based on their State’s Standards.

“I love that the software is web based,” says McCandless, “and one price makes the whole package available to all of your students on any station. That way, students can get practice on a variety of skills and you can tailor a practice session to differentiate needs.”

The flexibility of Interactive Resources makes it a valuable asset to have in the classroom as more resources are needed everyday to keep students motivated. For more information on Interactive Resources and how you can use it in your classroom, please visit our website at:

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