InterCLASS PC Lab Control software has a lot of great features for teaching and keeping tabs on student computer usage.  However, did you know that you can see which programs students have used and which websites ic log 300x246 Keeping tabs on student activity use with InterCLASSthey visited for up to one week prior?  Well, that’s all possible with the Student Activity Log feature of InterCLASS.

The Student Activity Log (SAL) automatically saves student computer usage for up to one week (seven [7] days).  Teachers can view the entire class as a whole or individual computers.  When using the InterCLASS log in feature, the student’s login name or ID number will be shown on the computer they were using.

The SAL can also show teachers the length of time spent on each program or website as well.  The log can also be saved in an Excel spreadsheet format for quick reference should the teacher need it. Also, the Excel format allows teachers to email the attachment of the spreadsheet to their Principal or a student’s parents should disciplinary actions be necessary.

For more information on this great tool or to check out the other outstanding features of InterCLASS, please go to:

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Many teachers ask us how they can use Interactive Resources in their lessons.With over 400+ Math resources, how could you not?  Addition practice is always welcome at any time of the class period, so why not have your students participate in popping balloons, that is the virtual kind, to get their brains fired up for addition?   Balloon Burst is a great game to get the addition juices going.

Balloon Burst can be played on an Interactive Whiteboard (SMARTBoard, Interwrite, Promethean) where students can compete against each other or as teams, or simply with a screen and projector as a whole class activity where students either raise their hands or call out the answer (wireless boards and clickers can be useful here as well).  The game allows you to set the number of balloons to be automatically popped as well as the degree of difficulty with the numbers (this allows teachers of all levels to use the game, from K-8 and beyond…).  The answer can be typed in when asked for and the game will let the students know if their answer was correct or not.

Great for warm up practice or just to get the kids geared up for their impending math lessons, Balloon Burst is MOST DEFINITELY a crowd pleaser.  Give it a whirl here:

Or please try out our other games and activities to use with your students.balloon12 300x225 Balloon Burst! A great way for students to practice additionballoon22 300x224 Balloon Burst! A great way for students to practice additionballoon31 300x225 Balloon Burst! A great way for students to practice addition

Kaminari Education on June 30th, 2009
tie1 300x255 TIE Conference 2009

TIE Conference

We had a wonderful time meeting folks at the Technology in Education 2009 Conference in Copper Mountain, Colorado, from June 24-25. The TIE Conference brought out teachers and administrators from all over Colorado and several were excited to see that we were offering resources for Interactive Whiteboards and Wireless Tablets.  With a sister who is a second grade teacher in Colorado, I was notified by her and her colleagues that they were really lacking planning time to create resources for their IWBs, so we decided to search the globe for activities and games to be used as whole class supplementation to help out.  The best ones to date have come out of England, where they have been using IWBs for a while now, as directed by their Ministry of Education.  We were very lucky to meet up with a truly fantastic guy named Mark Cogan at their annual BETT show held every year near London (BETT is an equivelant to our NECC conference here in the States).   He is a former teacher there and created the Interactive Resources line up, all from his clever little noggin. If you would like to give them a try, please click on the IR link to the right.

Kaminari Education on April 9th, 2009

ir us 300x255 Interactive Resources   activities and games for IWBsInteractive Resources is a fantastic set of math and literacy activities and games for use with projectors, interactive whiteboards and wireless tablets. Simple to use, interactive and loads of fun, it will enhance and supplement any K-8 Math and Literacy standards-based curriculum.

Tired of using your Interactive Whiteboard or SMARTboard™ as a glorified whiteboard? Looking for new ways to make those hardware purchases useable in the classroom? Then, look no further than Interactive Resources!

  • Works on any brand of Interactive Whiteboard, Wireless tablet, Projector and Computer (Mac and PC)
  • Simple activities and games for whole class or individual learning
  • Helps to reinforce key concepts taught in a fun and creative way
  • Fits U.S. National and State Standards for Mathematics and Literacy
  • Bright, colorful and engaging for all students, including Early Learners and Special Needs.

For more information about the Interactive Resources, please visit to the product site.

Kaminari Education on April 8th, 2009

screenshot teacher 300x233 InterCLASS PC Lab Control SoftwareInterCLASS PC Lab Controller is an “In-CLASS” teaching and learning environment system product. It provides teachers and administrators with control and facilitates a collaborative learning environment for any set of classroom PCs. There is no need to install extra cables or servers, as InterCLASS will work efficiently with your existing PC Lab network LAN or WLAN. InterCLASS enables your class to be more organized, efficient, collaborative and controllable immediately.

InterCLASS is sold in lab packs based upon the number of student PCs in the classroom or lab (up to 10, up to 30, etc.). We do not charge extra for the teacher’s program. Volume discounts are available for multiple labs in one school, school districts, higher education institutions, government organizations and corporations.

For more information about the InterCLASS, please visit to the product site.