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CZ510 Integrated AV Control System

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An Easy-to-Use Classroom A/V Controller

The Integrated AV Control System was designed to centralize control of classroom A/V equipment without the need for several different remote controls and complicated procedures. The AV Control System also allows teachers to quickly and easily utilize all audio and video equipment such as DVD players, document cameras and projectors in the classroom.

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VGA Input 2-channel standard VGA signal
DB-15 (female) x 2
Output 1 Channel: VGA IN
2 Channel: Select to output
DB-15 (female) x 2
Audio Input 6 Channel Stereo Inputs
RCA Stereo x 6
Output 3 channel synchronized outputs
RCA Stereo x 3
Video Input 6 channel composite inputs
RCA x 6
Output 3 channel synchronized outputs
RCA x 3
Other Mic Input 6.3φ Microphone input x 2
Infra-red 7 Channel output
Power 12V DC 1500mA / 100-240V AC adapter
Power Consumption 40W
Dimensions 482mm(W) × 88mm(H) × 220(D)
Weight 3.5kg
Operating Temperature 5℃ – 40℃
Operating Humidity 5% – 90%
Storage Temperature -20℃ – 55℃

CZ530 Multimedia Headset

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High Quality but Economical stereo headset for Classroom use

With our language learning solutions, CHIeru has researched and developed high-quality and economical headsets for the classroom environment. The Electret Condenser Microphone component is specially designed for recording voice and is best for language learning or speech recognition software. The headset also made with an economical approach in mind for general lab use (You can easily replace them if they become damaged by students).

Design Closed Muff Design
Impedance 32Ω + -10%
Frequency 20Hz – 20,000Hz
Max. Input Power 1,000mW
Sound Pressure Level 100dB/mW
Connector 3.5mm stereo
Cord length 1,5M (Shrinked) 2.5M (Extended)
Weight 190g
Microphone Electret Condenser Microphone

Impedance: 2.2kΩ

Frequency: 100 – 10,000Hz

Sensitivity: -30dB(±5db)

3.5mm stereo plug

CZ520 USB Sound Unit

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Sidetone Optimization for Language Learning

In a language learning environment, you may need to adjust the sidetone level depending upon the teaching and learning method. Audio Units will help to adjust the best sidetone volume for each speech and listening practice.

Volume level equalization

If you try to connect a headset directly to a computer, sometimes the audio chipset performance of a classroom computer is inconsistent. This unit conforms and enhances audio quality for each classroom computer, especially in a language learning environment.

Audio Input Mic Input 3.5φ stereo
AV Input 3.5φ stereo
Audio Output Speaker output 3.5φ stereo
AV output 3.5φ stereo
USB USB for Audio USB-B Socket
USB for Extension USB-B Socket
USB for Device USB-B Socket
Dimensions Dimensions482mm(W) × 88mm(H) × 220(D)
Weight Under 0.1kg
Operating Temperature 5℃ – 40℃

CaLabo FeaturesCaLabo Digital RecorderAV AccessoriesSystem Requirements

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