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The Most Highly Rated Digital Language Lab System in Japan

en cl1 CaLabo Digital Language LabCaLabo is the most popular Computer-Assisted Language Lab system brand in Japan. It has achieved a more distinguished reputation from customers than all other LL brands combined. With a 50% share of the Japanese language lab market, CaLabo has become the de facto standard for all digital language labs. With CaLabo, institutions can create a computer -assisted language learning environment that includes high quality audio, video and multimedia educational resources. CaLabo allows teachers to teach languages in a PC-based computer- assisted language laboratory. The master controller GUI shows student alignment in the classroom and control function buttons for language instruction activities or multimedia resources control. Instead of analog booth tape recorders, teachers can control the CaLabo Digital recorder for their instruction with digitized learning resources. Using CaLabo, teachers and students will have the greatest advantage of using multimedia in a language learning environment.

Easy-to-Use Teacher Control Interface

features01 CaLabo Digital Language LabIn a live, in-classroom session, if a teacher has to waste time to operate a lab system, then students will lose their concentration and motivation to learn. CHIeru and the teachers we work with researched which GUI design works best for a language lab environment. The result was that every function that was designed into the layout is able to be executed in just one or a few steps and that an operation indicator helps to show what action can be taken next in the lesson.

Advanced Computer Assisted Language Lab Features

Although CaLabo is a cutting-edge computer assisted language learning system, it covers the traditional language lab features in a “digital” way. Teachers can easily transfer and add multimedia resources that are of benefit to their language lab instruction without changing their instruction style. Language lab functions include:

  • Starts student booth PC and takes attendance
  • Talking to the entire class (All Call)
  • Monitors student voice and screen to listen and view their work
  • Intercom for one to one instruction with student screen and remote control feature
  • Models student voice and their computer screen
  • Group discussion
  • Pair discussion (Pairs can be set by student PC order or randomly)
  • Digital Response Analyzer

Improved Pairing and Group Conference Feature

features02 CaLabo Digital Language LabCaLabo has a variety of ways to Pair students. Teachers can create pair and discussion groups automatically or manually. Teachers can also change pairing or group members by the use of “drag and drop” for an easy operation. The submenu allows the teacher to broadcast pair conversation audio to the entire class who can in return listen and record the same conversation.

trans CaLabo Digital Language Lab

trans CaLabo Digital Language Lab

A/V and Multimedia Control and Broadcast

Teachers can easily control their classroom A/V facilities and output devices from CaLabo.
* Connects to any A/V source to show student monitor, room speaker or projector (Camera, DVD, VCR, Cassette player, CD, MD, etc…)
* Real-time digitizing and broadcast without being hardwired

Classroom Management

For a computer classroom, teachers can control student PCs for instruction

features03 CaLabo Digital Language Lab

  • File distribution and collection
  • Lock, blackout screen to get student attention
  • Start, Shutdown, Restart, Log off student computers
  • Take attendance and show student names on the layout grid
  • Launch applications
  • Web browsing escort
  • Remote control student PCs
  • Send the teacher screen for demonstration with annotation tools
  • Monitor all student screens by thumbnail view

CaLabo FeaturesCaLabo Digital RecorderAV AccessoriesSystem Requirements

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