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TIE Conference

We had a wonderful time meeting folks at the Technology in Education 2009 Conference in Copper Mountain, Colorado, from June 24-25. The TIE Conference brought out teachers and administrators from all over Colorado and several were excited to see that we were offering resources for Interactive Whiteboards and Wireless Tablets.  With a sister who is a second grade teacher in Colorado, I was notified by her and her colleagues that they were really lacking planning time to create resources for their IWBs, so we decided to search the globe for activities and games to be used as whole class supplementation to help out.  The best ones to date have come out of England, where they have been using IWBs for a while now, as directed by their Ministry of Education.  We were very lucky to meet up with a truly fantastic guy named Mark Cogan at their annual BETT show held every year near London (BETT is an equivelant to our NECC conference here in the States).   He is a former teacher there and created the Interactive Resources line up, all from his clever little noggin. If you would like to give them a try, please click on the IR link to the right.

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